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My single favorite thing I ever did on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

The coolest thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is that they have what’s Called “Freestyle Cruising.” And the coolest part of that is Freestyle Dining, which means you don’t have to eat at some assigned table next to strangers. This happens on most cruise lines; fewer and fewer of them as they start to copy NCL, but it happens. Our TV campaign was going to be all 15-second spots. Only a few of the spots ever ran, but the best thing to come out of it was this string of all the spots put together by Sam Selis of Beast, Austin. The old lady with the gallstones was the best – well, along with the poor guy who has to suffer all the fools. The smacking-chewy guy is Haven Simmons the art director. And the really ugly “lady” at the end, is me.

My Last NCL spot


Brent Walker

Total fake out. I thought you were the guy with the cardboard. You actually look pretty good in makeup Luke. If SCAD has a drag competition, you’re a shoe-in. (High heels of course.)

Gilda de Araujo

Hi Luke,

I work for the Radio Advertising Bureau in South Africa. We’d love you to speak at our annual; conference.

Please contact me.

Thanks, Gilda


Hello. How nice to be asked. Will you please write to me at my email address and we can talk about details? Again, thank you very much. My email address is

Carlos Vazquez

Having lived on South Beach for five years, I can tell you that you’re going to have to work it a bit more if your gonna wow ’em on the runway. That said, you’re still very fetching.


Yes I thought I was quite stunning.

Chris Miller

Hilarious. And painfully true, Luke. Brought it all back to me: the grim experience of sharing a table with a woman and her young son on a mini-cruise (but not nearly mini enough). The mum wouldn’t get off the subject of money; how much she had, in particular. And the lad had the same first name as me. So every admonishing “Christopher!” that she bellowed at him caused me – then in my mid-twenties – to sit bolt upright in my seat and mumble an apology.

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