“Phirrips” — Politically incorrect (in parts) and one of the best spots I’ve ever heard.


“No Point, No Point.” — An idiot tells a customer not to buy a Phillips VCR because all electronics will be obsolete within 2 weeks.


“Fake French.” — Oh, I forgot, this one has another politically incorrect bit. If that’s an issue with you, please contact my complaint desk at biteme.com.


“So Typical.” — A spot where the spokespeople seem to make fun of the client the entire time. God, I love Phillips for doing this.


“Expensive.” — A salesman beats around the bush about the price of a Phillips TV.


“Burglars” — Two burglars announce they’ll be stealing Phillips televisions exclusively.


“Laughter.” — Two Phillips spokesmen peal with evil laughter at their competitors’ sinking sales.


“What’s It” — Two guys talk about Phillips products for 60 seconds, never once mentioning what the brand is or the product is.


“You’re So Clever.” — It’s hard to describe how stupid and cool this one is.