Here are some of the case histories I referred to in the sixth edition of “Hey Whipple Squeeze This.”

Venus Razors
Venus used live data, meta-data, and user-generated content on Instagram to increase sales of women’s razors during Sweden’s long winters.

Philippines Tourism
Another user-generated-content concept that encouraged visitors who’ve been to the Philippines to submit their worst vacation photos to win a return trip.

Go Back to Africa
African tourism campaign highjacked hate speech posted by morons and, in real time, turned the messages into aspirational appeals for blacks to travel.

Doritos Inferno chips
Creative-tech driven idea allowed visitors to use Twitter to create tweets in flaming letters that appear on a highway sign.

Burger King’s “Whopper Detour”
BK punked McDonald’s and encouraged BK customers to use their app to order a 1¢ Whopper while at McDonald’s.

Snickers Hungerithm
Snickers used AI to monitor social posts and determine whether the internet was happy or not. Then offered a real-time discount on their product.

Arby’s “We Want Our TV Back” TikTok event
Arby’s fake fight with a TikTok user helped deliver one billion impressions.

Tomcat Rodent Control’s Live Facebook Event
Words can’t describe how effed-up and funny this wonderful idea is.