If you ever find yourself stuck, here’s a bunch of stuff you may find inspiring. I know that when I was a working stiff, whenever I started to suck (which was often), I’d pore through the awards annuals or pay a visit to some of the websites that got my wheels turning again. You can also check out Chapter 15 in the sixth edition of “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.”


Brilliant Work from the Award Books

For 40 years, I collected all those expensive awards annuals and studied them like textbooks. Recently, I scanned them all into PDFs. Click here to see what’s downloadable this week.

Fire Hydrant Spraying Water

The Fire Hydrant

For way more information on advertising, branding, and digital than the average brain can ever hope to hold, check out my list of favorite sites and blogs. Click here to download the document.

Case Histories

When ad people make great campaigns they like to brag about it with elaborate videos telling their story. These case studies provide excellent examples of big ideas put into action.