Fire hydrant

Waaay more information on advertising, branding, & digital than the average poor brain can ever hope to hold. Ranked in my fave order, by Luke Sullivan

Fire Hydrant

Useful Stuff

Droga5 work and case studies: Pretty much anything these people do is extraordinary.

Art, Copy & Code — created and curated by Google, features really cool advertising ideas all tech-enabled.

Think With Google – Pretty much everything they publish is, for ad students, worth a weekly visit. Perfect for ad junkies. Best advertising out there all curated by Rob Schwartz, CEO TBWAChiatDay New York.

Facebook advertising awards. Smart uses of Facebook, judged by top people in the industry.

Mashable is required daily viewing of all ad students. “The leading source of new, information, and resources for the Connected Generation.”

D&AD Europe’s One Show. Extremely hard to win in this one.

AdFreak (from AdWeek) Good site for keeping up with the current ad world, the agencies, and the bigger campaigns.

Creativity Online – This is AdAge’s version of AdFreak, has the latest cool stuff from agencies.

Buzzfeed Hugely popular site about popular culture. Really nice Pinterest site with tons of bite-size advice on design and branding.

Ads Of The World: Great site to see the latest greatest work out there, but be warned, most of this work has not run. It’s like highly polished student work. No restrictions.

The Village of Useful, totally cool site that posts all the coolest new digital (sometime traditional) ideas out there at people actually use.

Maker – The largest content network on YouTube, Maker attracts more than 10 billion views every month with over 650 million subscribers. With 55,000 independent creator partners from more than 100 countries, Maker is home to top digital stars, channels, and content.

The Inspiration Hodgepodge of really cool, mostly visual stuff to get your brain going.

World’s Best Case Studies Really nice collection of advertising/marketing ideas in form of short case study videos.

Meaningful Content – Really cool site of all the interesting stuff out there, and you can search through it using tags like “jaw-dropping,” “informative,” “beautiful.” Very cool. Nice blog with articles taking the pulse of culture, web technology, design and trend development. The psfk name? The initials of the two founders. (I asked.)

Appcrawlr The App Discovery Engine Very visual blog that exploring art and visual culture. Ranked by Technorati as one of the top 50 blogs on the web.

Infogram Helps you put together cool infographics. It’s free.

Brainpickings — Super smart site created by ex-planner from Chiat/Day.  Maria Popova  “I’m a reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large.”

Creative Guerilla Marketing Leading online news resource dedicated to guerrilla marketing, unconventional marketing and alternative advertising.

100 Experiential Case Studies Someone put together a nice YouTube channel of some cool experiential ideas.  Kinda like From their “About” section: “Visual content, clean and simple, that gives more meaning to the life you live… the quiet corner booth in a crowded diner and a slice of cherry pie. Take a seat.” Cool site that gathers the latest innovation, start-up and new business ideas from around the world. Hover States is a collection of what’s new and interesting in user interface and interaction design. Curated by Animade, a London-based animation and interactive production company.

The Social Media Examiner: The world’s largest online social media magazine. How tow’s and best uses of social media. Horrible art direction, too many ads, but good stuff.

Vimeo staff picks Suggested by my student, Stefani G. She says careful, it’s addicting.

30 One Show winner case studies from 2015

Kottke: Just weird cool stuff. Hard to explain.

BoingBoing. Fun “junk drawer of the web.” Everything.

SpringWise. Subtitled ‘Your Essential Fix of Entrepreneurial Ideas.” Cool gadgets, cool tech.

Bruce Sterling. Graphic whimsy from Bruce Sterling

Social Fresh. Good site for purchasing materials, texts, for further study in social media.


Social/digital expert Edward Boches. Smart guy, used to be top dude at Mullen and is now professor at Boston University. He wrote five of the chapters in the new Hey Whipple.

Suzanne Pope is a super-smart Canadian ad person and I love her site.

Mark Fenske, one of the cooler teachers at VCU. Used to work at Weiden + Kennedy in the late ‘80s.

Carolyn Hadlock is another super-smart woman in the biz, the ECD of Young & Larramore in Indianapolis.

abecopywriting. A thoughtful little blog with advice for copywriters.

CopyBlogger has lots of good advice about writing for online: blogging, Facebook marketing, etc.

The Next Web is the large online publisher delivering latest how-to videos and info on software & technology.

Steffan Postaer, respected creative with his own take on all things advertising.

Adverve is a blog and has cool podcasts of recent digital and creative work from around the world.

Copyranter by Mark Duffy features recent trends; on Buzzfeed.

econsultancy – a smart easy-to-read site with tons of breaking social and tech stuff.

The Society of Digital Agencies — SoDA serves as a network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

WARC — Bills itself as having the “100 Smartest Marketing Campaigns in the World.”


Showcasing innovation every day since 2000, FWA‘s mission is to showcase cutting edge creativity, regardless of the medium or technology used.

The One Show – seen by many in the industry as the premiere show.

The Webby Awards – A must-read for all ad students.

Cannes – The big bad boy from France.

The Art Directors Club – Great award show that pays particular attention to the crafts of art direction, type, etc.

Communication Arts magazine. For general advertising excellence, get their December issue at a bookstore – the Advertising Annual. And go online for their Interactive Annual.

1 hr. show “Story of Content: The Story of New Marketing.”

And for those reading along at home through the fifth edition of Hey Whipple, the sited videos in the text are stored on the Whipple channel at youTube.

And this last piece of candy. Somebody sat down and figured out what the logos for famous painters might look like.