The brief is the single most-complained-about thing in creative industries.
(“What are we supposed to do with this?”)

Every client, agency, and strategist on earth has a different idea of what makes a great creative brief. So do creatives – and this is one creative’s answer.

Sourcing a wide variety of industry experts, Sullivan will show how to create a brief that doesn’t just lie there, inspiring no one. But a focused brief that crackles with creative possibilities. A brief that doesn’t supply answers but raises questions. And has what he calls “Boingy Boingy.”


  • The brief is the first creative act.
  • Screw facts and research. Start with the fundamental truth.
  • Find a tension and leverage it.
  • What if a brief’s “key message” was replaced with a “key question?”
  • Problem solving vs. Problem finding
  • A sample of a newer form of brief.
  • And what the hell is Boingy Boingy?


  • Strategists, planners, account teams
  • New business team members
  • Anyone who tells stories on behalf of brands
  • And, yes, creatives

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  1. When is your next creative brief webinar?


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