Interview with two One Show Interactive winners (and the work) from Leo Burnett, Sydney.

So I was givin’ a speech down in Sydney, right? Just before I left, I made a post here about the ten most recent finalists in the One Show Interactive. I noticed that TWO of them were from Leo Burnett’s Sydney office. TWO of them. Two entries from Leo Burnett’s big-ass Chicago office would be cool, too, but two from their Sydney office? A little research into their creative output down there made me wanna meet these folks.

So when I called ’em, they said sure, come on over. It was very cool to walk around an agency so far away from the world I used to work in, mostly east and midwest USA. Damn, it’s a big world out there.

Anyway, I’m kind of a shitty interviewer. Talked too much. You can even hear me chewing gum at one point. Yes, I suck. But this nine-minute video will show you two of the coolest biggest ideas in this year’s One Show as well as the people who created them.

Final note: I actually heard some American in the hotel lobby say “shrimp on the barbie” as well as “THAT’S not a knife, THIS is a knife.” Reminder: when traveling, please try to not to be Australian. We suck at it. Crikey.


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