A Speech I Gave To Miami Ad School. (Takes about 1 minute to load. Sorry.)

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People tell me I cuss too much. And this video is proof. It’s an hour-long speech to ad students at Miami Ad School. Where I got such a potty mouth is a mystery to me, because my Mom, she’s just as nice a lady as you could care to meet. Go figure.

Luke Sullivan from Mediastash.tv on Vimeo.


  1. Great speech, request permission to cut the part on simplicity and distribute freely to some clients

    • You are kind to ask, and by all means do so. Maybe cut some of the cussin’.

    • DId I get back to you with a big sure, absolutely? By all means, am flattered. Post away.

  2. fucking brilliant. from beginning till the end.

  3. Thanks, Luke. I posted this on our facebook fan page for the ad class I teach. “Simple gets noticed” “Stiff arm AEs” “Simple is easier to remember”

  4. I put this on our course (Creative Advertising @ Lincoln Uni UK) inspiration blog some time ago. Thanks Luke, it really is a brilliant talk! See the blog on the website link above.


  5. I just used the “low fruit” metaphor as an expression while giving feedback to a colleague today. Awesome. Thanks for enhancing my constructive criticism lexicon. Now, you can tell somebody their idea is mediocre and at the same time you both enjoy a laugh. When does that ever happen? Now all I have to say is, “loooow fruuuit…”

    • Good for you. I cringe every time I hear a story of some creative director being brutal. So old school.

  6. Serious question Luke. How the $%#%^&* do you not curse around your kids? I have the same problem and it’s getting to be an issue at preschool. 🙁

    • SOmehow I managed to keep a lid on it when they were teeny. But now that they teenagers, well, the genie is out of the bottle.

  7. Luke, I really enjoyed this. I’m a art/design/techie type but have taught for awhile as an adjunct and found a lot of the things you said to be a nice reminder for me, as well as for my students. (Aren’t we all students?)

    Wondered if you’ve read John Maeda’s The Art of Simplicity? Though not ad-related, it deals with simplicity in a way that I found helpful. Visualizing simplicity, visualizing concepts… kind of related anyway. 🙂

  8. Is there a reason this video is no longer available to view? We’d love to get our hands on a copy to share with our agency.

    • Hey Laura, thanks for pointing this out to me. Don’t know why Vimeo stopped hosting it. I’ll figure something out.

  9. Luke, any chance you could re-post the Speech you gave at MAS video? My class has historically loved this video and it gives me yet another tool to teach ideas. Your uniquely visceral and colorful conversation is entertaining as well as informative. Plus it supports the book we use.

    Hey, good luck at SCAD! My good friend and fellow graduate, Steve Hall was my thesis partner at Syracuse. I’m excited for you both!

    The website I left you is my Irish band. But I figure WTF.

    Thanks Luke.


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