Fallon was a fun place to work, partly because no one was safe from random acts of mean-spirited disrespectful treatment, including the CEO, Pat Fallon.

One year Fallon decided he needed a bigger office with a little more meeting room, and so he knocked down a wall and annexed the office next to him, making Account Supe Eric Block pretty much homeless.

The comic possibilities of this land-grab were not lost on the wise guys in the office and CD Bill Westbrook immediately commissioned a video to make fun of Fallon’s plush new real estate. Credit goes to Westbrook for the idea behind the film: a National Geographic-style exploration of the vast uncharted territory of Fallon’s new Big-Ass Office. In fact, the moniker Fallon’s Big-Ass Office stuck and the shorthand became, “3:00 meeting in Fallon’s BAO.” [Cont’d below video player.]

Eric Santiago and I were asked to do it and we had fun creating a really stupid video that had its one and only airing at a company meeting. The video kinda sucks, but it sucks a teeny bit less than the one I just cut it down from. When you get to that stupid part with Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’ll see we kinda ran out of ideas on how to end it. If you have any helpful remarks on how we might have given the film a better ending, please register your input at my special consumer feedback website: biteme.com.