41a5ALVYfML._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_“Working in advertising can make you cynical, but if you can aspire to look yourself in the mirror and see the kind of person your 8- or 14-year-old self would not hate – if you can treat people and customers and clients and vendors and the world with respect; not attack people nor their work; not be petty or cruel; if you can be open to the opinions of others and be willing to change your mind; not worship money above friendship or honor nor let your heart get hard; if you can stay in love with creativity; spend time working for the good of the industry, especially the young people; and if you can remain thankful there are jobs that let you have ideas for a living and wear jeans and T-shirts to work – then advertising is a fine profession and one to be proud of.”


I strongly recommend Faris’s book. You can get it here at amazon. This one excerpt really doesn’t reflect what the book is about, which is mostly about how to kick ass in a digital world, but I just happen to love it.