COPY: You’ve seen them. Those signs in airports around the world, hand-painted and with just a hint ‘o’ creative.

“Pardon our mess while we FLY thru making a better airport for you.”

Well, it was that time of year again here in Austin, Texas, last night when airport creatives gathered ‘round the stage to honor the best Pardon-Airport-Construction-Signs of 2009. And the show was no disappointment.

Gold went to Richmond’s Byrd International Airport for their anthropomorphizing of a bird into the delightful “Captain Bryd” who directed airport walkers down a temporary hallway with the headline:  “Captain Byrd reminds you to watch your step during our reconstruction to make a better airport for you.”

And the silver (highly contested) ended up in the hands of the creative team from the back room at Chicago’s O’Hare. The applause was deafening when the silver-winning sandwich board appeared on the big screen: “O’Pardon us for all O’the construction as we make a better airport for you.”

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