One of our dickweed creatives comes to company Halloween party as me.

Thirty-one goddamn years in the business and you’d think I’d get more respect. Especially from the dickweeds I work with.

And then you get this…..dude comes “dressed as me” to Halloween.

It’s just mean-spirited and disrespectful, is all I have to say about it.

Making fun of both my age and the fact that I had knee-replacement surgery this summer, which was really painful by the way….Mr. Colin Gray, at [email protected].

The dude is in MY group at GSD&M, which is bad enough. Then again, that means I get to do his review, which is coming up very soon.

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UPDATE: To add insult to injury, Mr. C. Gray’s “funny” costume won first place in the agency costume contest. Disturbingly, he beat out someone who was either wearing a great Jesus costume or was in fact Jesus, either of which means Mr. Gray is going to Hell for his little stunt. Pictured below, he and I just after the award ceremony having a little chat about his upcoming review.


  1. Ha ha ha. At least he didn’t put tennis balls on the legs!

  2. Score!

  3. If I were still able to bear children, I would have this man’s children.

  4. Heehee. He said dickweed.

  5. Oh com’on that costume was a TOTAL miss, the shirt was clearly the wrong color!

  6. You want to know how it works? He takes out a knife, you pull out a gun. He dresses up like you, you strip him of his dignity. Put him in a cube. If he’s in a cube, put him in the hallway. That’s the way you do things.

  7. imitation is the best form of flattery!

  8. Did he have the Clark Wallabees and loose-fitting khakis? That would have truly nailed it.

  9. Is he the one in the Blue or the Brown?



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