I have two new manuscripts I’m looking forward to putting out there this summer. One is for a client (can’t say, but it’ll be cool and very useful). And the other is a personal work, for which this is the cover. I’ve been working on it since 1992 and am finally ready to market it.

I’m hoping to e-publish both sometime this summer and I’ve been doing tons of research on how format, how to launch, and how to market ebooks. But I still feel like I know close to nuthin’.

Anyway, a great place to start will be  SXSW Interactive here in Austin next week. I’ll be there soaking up as much as I can, beginning my trek at a gathering — “Books & Bytes” — hosted by Cave Henricks Communications and Shelton Interactive.

I’m reading as much as I can. Particularly enjoyed a book titled Plug Your Book by Steve Weber. But I am looking for more. Not just more, but the best, most concise, most helpful information out there. That’s why I’m turning to the crowd in the cloud.

What are the best 3 books to read to learn about launching/marketing a non-fiction ebook?

What are the best three blogs?

Who are the smartest people in this area for me to Friend or Follow?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.