> ahem <

Yours truly is happy to be included on a list from Forbes — “The Top 100 Global Agencies That Know Social Media and Google.”

Full disclosure, however. Am no longer a global agency. Sad to report the closing of heywhipple.com’s Auckland, Amsterdam, Berlin and London  offices. Just the one office here in Savannah now. Had to let everybody go.

Yukfest aside, there are some really cool people and agencies on the list you oughta make sure you click on from time to time. My old agency, GSDM, is there. So’s my other alma mater, Fallon. Plus social superstars like Brian Solis and Edward Boches and places like Big Spaceship. Man, this is some seriously good company. Thank you to Forbes and author Scott Goodson (founder of Strawberry Frog) for putting it together.