The Day My Picture Ended Up In The Onion.

About 4 years ago, I managed to talk my way into the offices of The Onion. Met with a nice woman, editor Carol Kolb. Told her the house ads for the newspaper should be as funny as the editorial. Showed her some stuff we’d done and she agreed, yeah, this is Onion funny. (Made my day, I can tell you.) In any case, a couple of weeks later when I was in their offices delivering all the files, one of their photographers came out and said, “Hey, wanna be one of those people with the little pictures next to their editorials?” Wood Eye? Wood Eye? So, that’s how I ended up in this editorial. If I coulda picked, I would have chosen their famous “Why Can’t I Sell More of These Fucking Bibles?!?”

Oh, and here is just one of the ads we did for The Onion. I did this one. Guys like Keith Greenstein and Mike Lear helped, along with art direction from Lou Flores. Later on, Lear kept it goin’ at The Martin Agency (and won two One Show Silvers with it….the bastid).


  1. Hey Luke! This story cracks me up, and that’s quiiiiiite a nice photo of you in the story. Makes me smile to see Keith’s and Mike’s names in here, too. Hope all is well – just found your blog, and have really enjoyed reading it and checking out the pics as well. 🙂 Carol

    • Hey Ms. Carol: nice to hear from you. Yeah, good ol’ Mike is at the Martin Agency and Keith is at BooneOakley. Love both those guys.


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