I give a hugely energetic series of presentations on innovation, creativity, branding, and marketing. I spent 32 years in the trenches of advertising (at agencies like Martin, GSD&M, and Fallon) and I’ve put everything I learned into my book, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. But for me nothing beats taking the message out and speaking to living breathing audiences at clients, agencies, and conferences. You can book me on the button above.

Verbatims from my presentations:

Luke is one of the most sensational presenters of work I’ve ever seen.
–Wendy Ludlow Clark, CEO DDB North America

Brilliant, and best of all, usable. In fact, we started incorporating Luke’s methods, and language, right after the presentation.

This is the stuff I wish I had 15 years ago. Great information, packaged with tons of personality.

Not just for creatives, every single person in every single agency should hear what Luke has to say.

Having other disciplines/departments exposed to Luke’s magical advertising wand was great. I loved how stupid simple he approached things in his presentation, making it not only inspiring and encouraging, but highly relevant to what we do here on a daily basis. Can he just move here permanently? Or can we have a pocket-sized Luke made to carry to meetings? That would be great.

I found it highly valuable, I walked out with useful tools. I wish we could hire him for client training.

Luke’s energy is contagious. You can’t help but walk away from a discussion with him, inspired to put ideas in the world that are game changers. I left the room hating that it was Friday – I wanted more days in the week. In fact, as a take away, I’d suggest that we schedule any future training with him for earlier in the week. It might give people a greater chance to apply the lessons immediately and things might “stick” a little better.

Speaking Topics

Social in 4 Steps. (Sometimes 3, Maybe 2.)

(Revised from an earlier post.) “Don’t do an ad. Do something interesting.” This is one of the best and most basic pieces of advice I have for my students and, for that matter, anyone in the communications industry. Because when you follow it, you’ve pulled yourself...

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Working with Creative & Account Teams

No matter how accomplished an company’s creative department is, it’s valuable to hear the opinion of an outside creative resource. I typically meet with the teams running two key accounts. We walk through the work and look at creative or strategic improvements.

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That Sucks. That’s Great.

In this speech/workshop, attendees will use current advertising examples to rate, rank, and discuss what elements are in play, and then conclude with best practices.

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Being Naughty

A brief look at how complete and total disobedience results in better work. We’re talking about Dru’s “Disruption” model but on steroids.

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The Virtues of Simplicity

In this talk we discuss the art of reductionism and how taking away everything that isn’t a “load-bearing beam” always improves the work.

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How to Suck Less

We creatives can complain about bad briefs all we want, but at the end of the day there’s nothing we can do about some things in this business. This talk is about the things we can control. It’s about time and energy management, about craft, about making things way...

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Managing Creatives to their Potential

In which we explore the unique issues around managing creative people, who don’t like to be managed. Participants will leave the session with short- and long-term solutions to optimizing the creative output of their organizations. (Particularly appropriate for account...

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With a half-century of over-hyped claims, the ad industry has created a nation of eye-rollers. Which makes claiming authenticity today especially tricky – because we marketers do have an agenda: to sell. In this session we’ll discuss how brands can stake out...

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